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      flying) help please!

      i have just got back from france and in france for nights i have been having lucid dreams now i am very good a lding but i dont have them often mabye 2 a month so 3 in a row was good for me and when ever i do have a lucid dream i normally focuse on what my dreams look like. so what i do i look around and see how life like it is but the last night i had a ld i said right lets try flying i was on top of a small bridge and i said to myself i can control this dream it does what i say and i took a small run and then leaped into the air and i went about 20ft in the air and then i just fell down to earth and i woke up becosue of the adrenelin of falling any tips on flying?

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      In my case there is often some doubt about whether I am really dreaming at the start. That doubt tends to keep me from jumping off bridges. But when I start with a jump from the ground and continue to generate lift, I guess I'm convinced that all is well. I can become very high and very fast in no time. Give it a try.

      I have, by the way, fallen from 20-30 feet without waking up. I am usually just convinced that I must not be dreaming after all. Don't ask how my mind is able to think I can fall from 30 feet and walk away without a scratch and not find that a little suspicious...

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      In my only ever Lucid where I flew, I was standing on the ground and just told myself I wanted to fly. I took off, and for a minute or so was kind of "Gliding" and then eventually gliding downwards (like if you dropped a feather off of a building) but I just kept telling myself in the dream that I wanted to fly, and after a while just took off properly, and soared around like I'd been flying for years. It was brilliant.

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      I use to hold my hands out to the side, look down and imagine I'm being flow upwards by a big fan. Then start flying around. That works great for me.

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      Ok first off I have to ask you have you ever played a game where you fly? If not I suggest you go get the last superman game they made and do nothing but fly around for like 10 hours and you should have no problem flying in your dreams. If you do however have problems even after that then picture yourself wearing a red cape and you should be able to fly. If that fails then watch a shit load of DBZ
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