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      My lucid dream went completely dark.

      I had A DILD where I felt like I woke up in my chair in my living room. I wondered why I woke up in a chair when I fell asleep in my bed. I did a reality check and it confirmed that I was lucid. Then everything went black and I jumped up very high in the darkness and I floated back down. I felt like I was levitating and I decided to spin as I was spinning I could see some light flowing past me. But the dream ended shortly after I was done spinning.

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      wow thats kinda weird, at least Iv never heard of that. my only guess for if that happens again just close your eyes and try to imagine a new dream scene, or find like a light switch and turn it on, something to rationalize sudden light.
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      My lucid went completely dark once; I was in the basement of my house at the time.

      I visualized what my surroundings would look like, what objects would be where in relation to where I was standing, and stuff like that. I walked around, confident that I was about to bump into a couch and then go down a hallway. Everything worked out, and I had the layout all mapped out in the dream, except I couldn't see. If all else fails, try that.

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