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    Thread: Flying Help?

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      Flying Help?

      Hey Dream Views,

      I'm having some trouble flying well in my LD's. Last night I had one and the only way I could fly was if I like acted out the breaststroke in air, in which case I would actually fly around slower than I would be able to walk on the ground. What techniques do you all use to fly faster or more effectively?
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      There are a few methods I think might help you. The first is the simplest to understand, yet the hardest in application. Simply, you must do more than believe you can fly. You must KNOW that when you jump into the air, you will not be coming back down until you will it. Any shred of doubt at all will potentially ruin this attempt.

      Another method is one I heard on this site, but have not actually tested. It sounds reasonable though. It involves passive control, instead of active control. Wherever you are in your dreamscape, think of a reason you would be able to fly. Like, say you're in a military setting, expect to see a jet pack lying around or on a corpse or something and it will be there. If you are in a room, expect that the room on the other side of the door is the antigravity chamber in Ender's Game. Maybe you're in a Dragonball Z setting and you see Goku. Ask him if he'll teach you. The scenerios and possibilities are quite endless. Use your imagination and most of all, expect to succeed in whatever you do. This is the key to anything you can accomplish in dreams.

      Good luck to you. Flying is quite exhilerating!

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      i just try to "feel" myself picking up loads of speed (imagine what it would be like), and which gets me moving faster. as for getting airborne, run and jump,also watch some movies where the characters fly around (e.g matrix, superman) and use that for inspiration.
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