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      conversations in Lucid Dreams

      I have LDs quite often, I don't class them as completely "lucid" though because I'm not fully aware. I do things that I set out to do and everything but it's not like waking life. I compare it to being drunk...you know what to do at the time but you have trouble remembering it later on or knowing completely what you're doing.

      Anyway, I want to be able to have better conversations in my LDs. They are quite short and I never usually end up talking to anyone, I just fly around and walk through walls and stuff like that. There aren't usually many people in my LDs.

      The only conversations I can remember is when I've told people I'm dreaming, and I remember what they say at the time but once i wake up I cant remember what they've said at all.

      I want to be able to have lengthy philosophical discussions and such. I guess I'm just looking for reassurance that this is possible? That people have had interesting memorable conversations in their LDs and tips on how to achieve this. Thanks.

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      Maybe you could try summoning a person who you think would give you a good conversation. And as for remembering the conversation, you could try telling yourself you will remember it while still in the dream or you could wake yourself up right after the dream to write it down.

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