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      Adding a sound track to a LD?

      Have you guys ever had a ld where you wanted to add music to it, like one of my goals is to have a huge battle with my friend and i would love to add some power/heavy metal music to that battle, how exactly should i do that, just so that its like playing out of no where, have any of you guys done this?
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      If you have music playing softly from some speakers while you are asleep, you can usually pick up on it in the dream. The first time this happened to me my alarm clock radio went off but I didn't wake up for a couple minutes, so my dream had a soundtrack. Unfortunately, the song was "Happy Ending" by Avril Lavigne, and the damn thing was stuck in my head the rest of the day. Nowadays I listen to the Inception soundtrack. Seriously though, it's pretty awesome.

      The advantage to this is that the music will show up even if you're not in a lucid dream, meaning you can have some pretty epic non-lucid dreams. Plus, the mood of the song can affect the mood of the dream, so a fast paced, intense song will probably lead to an action packed dream, while a more mellow acoustic set will result in a calm dream.

      As far as adding music to an LD without outside stimulus, I'm sure it's possible, albeit very difficult. I've never done it, or heard about others doing it. Give it a try though, and post your results!

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      Very easy.

      Reach in your pocket, find an Ipod, pick a song, put on head phones and commence with the battle. You should cease to feel the headphones soon enough and the music will carry on.

      A cool bonus, the dream can create new music on the spot as well.

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