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      Cool Staying lucid guide


      This is my first guide but I know how to keep lucidity its so easy.

      Step One:
      First things first after you relize your in a dream or you entered through WILD take atleast one minuite and calm down just breathe for real.
      Step Two
      Okay heres where the practice begins, fade into a place where you think is scary and then summon 8 or 9 SCARY THINGS. now this could be taken slow or you could just say how about no, make these attack you, i mean RELLY ATTACK YOU if you can get by without waking up after you created the most terrifying thing in your mind you can stay lucid very well.
      Step Three
      Okay now that the basics are over, its time for the mirror test, in most people if you look in the mirror it usually triggers a nightmare or what you REALLY think of yourself, which for most people is the scariest thing, face the mirror and dont wake up make it go away Conqure it.

      And now your done!
      After all this if you can stay lucid enough to dream you will be able to conqure even the worst nightmares and lucid dream like a KING!(or queen)

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      interesting ideas cheers, although perhaps not for beginners i suppose. no need to scare yourself off until you are ready

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      The mirror test won't work for everyone though. Every time I look in a mirror in my LDs I just see myself, perhaps slightly different-looking but it never triggers a nightmare. But good ideas.

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      Not everyone like fighting, so that may not be the best idea.

      Interestingly enough, I had a lucid a few weeks back where I was in the most beautiful landscape. It was so amazing, it made me lucid and kept me lucid the whole time. If lucidity is a quality of awareness, then those environments really boosted mine, forcing me to drink up all the fantastic scenery.

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