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      how to fix dark dreams?

      Hi guys!

      had my 4th lucid(i think) last night ! im getting better!
      I tried to WBTB and WILD, but failed, however i dreamed I was peeing standig on my hands and realized I didnt usually do that so i RC:ed and became lucid.

      The dream was very real when i became lucid but it got very foggy and unstable very quick. I tried to rub my hands but it didnt really work. i also tried falling backwards severall times which made me wake up in bed(still dreaming), once again very clear but as soon as i started to move everything got dark again. was like everytime i tried to controll the dream everything got dark! annoying

      do any of you got som good tips on what do do when it just goes dark? and are there any other ways to increase lucidity than rubbing hands?


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      This happens to me regularly. I usually become lucid in my bedroom, and it's usually nighttime. So I get outside as fast as possible, and change the weather e.g make the sun rise. You could also carry a fire torch or something along this lines Problem with dreaming is it doesn't like to change the lighting -_-

      Lucidity wise, it's about your senses. Touch something, smell it, taste it. You can scream at the top of your lungs to increase lucidity and clarity Spinning can help but sometimes you change dreamscene.

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      Accept it and don't stress out. That is, unless it's so dark it's hard to see anything at all.

      If you're in a building that's dark, go to a door (turn around and expect one to be in the wall, or something) and while opening it, visualize a bright place outside.

      If you're outside, you can always try dragging the sun up from the horizon, or pulling the moon down, expecting the sun to come up as it goes down! But you don't always need a bunch of light in dreams. I've had a few lucids where I've gone flying on the highway and over buildings at night. It feels surreal and calming.

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      I've had dark lucid dreams before too. I think it has less to do with being lucid, and more to do with what's filling your subconscious right now. We have to remember that even though were lucid, were still interacting with our subconscious, and our subconscious still has a lot of creative control over the dream.

      If you treated the obscurity while lucid as a dream symbol, what would it mean to you? Maybe by understanding what it means for you, you can understand what the solution is.

      In my case I was very stressed out. The darkness in my dream was more like a dark heavy fog then lack of light. I needed to lighten things up, so in the dream I started to sing. At first my voice was meek but once I got going the sun shined again, and my vision was clear

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      Hey, I have quite a few lucid dreams that start off dark and have managed to discover a sure way to resolve this issue for myself. The one I had the other day led me to try and use a light switch, something that is mentioned allot here. I found as with many people on this forum, the light switch has no effect. This made me wonder if the reason people use a light switch for a reality check originated from the fact that many lucid dreams start off/ or become dark?

      The way I make a dream become vibrant and light is by simply heading towards the light, I will head to a building that has a light on or turn many street corners until I find a house that looks occupied and is lit. this now has 100% success rate for me.

      Although if your dreams are completely dark and not just very dull, it might be because you are not in the right dream cycle, try imagining yourself in your bed and look out of your window for a lit house.

      hope it helps for you.

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