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      Can someone help me in my LD ?

      Hi guys
      I just found this forum when I was googling
      I liked it
      so here is my story :
      (first of all I liked LD since I was a child not because of watching inception xD)
      4 years ago I read about AP and I kinda like it, and I heard that u can do LD with AP too
      I worked so hard to do AP but nothing happened
      instead of that I had lots of LD but I wasn't interested in them
      I was able to control them a little (I didn't try to fly) but I controlled the subject of the dream.
      when I was close to do AP I got bored it seemed so hard
      so I quit training for AP
      after a while I got interested in LD and I heard that I can do anything I want!
      so I decided to do it
      so I trained ( by doing Reality check ) and the result was I did LD but I couldn't control anything I couldn't even stay in the dream, once I realize I woke
      every time this happens
      so this time I decided to write my dreams once I wake up and read them every time
      and now I'm doing Reality check every time
      now I have some questions, I hope someone could help me :
      1-is there any other thing I can do to get LD fast ?
      2-and BTW I heard that u need to be pro in LD in order to control the time in ur dream, is that true ?
      cuz I want to stay for days in my dream
      3-in a vivd dream where u get full control, does anything gets into ur mind just appear in front of u ??
      or u must have a will to make it happen in a dream ?
      cuz I don't think I can hold my mind from getting thoughts in the whole dream especially when it's a long one
      4-do I have to exercise everyday and write my dreams everyday to get LD whenever I want ?
      or just by being pro u can quit exercising ?
      5-if I became pro in LD, will I realize that I'm dreaming every time I sleep ?
      6-do u LD in ur whole sleep or just a part then u fall asleep unconsciously again ?
      7- I heard that u can feel everything in the dream even the pain and the taste of food and anything u can touch , simply u can feel everything, if that's happen how can I know the reality from the dream ?
      and sorry for the long thread .

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      1. Honestly, it all depends on you. Some people take weeks to get a lucid dream, other days, some even years. All I can recommend is doing exercises and RCs constantly and stay persistent.

      2. There is still a lot of debate on whether it is possible to do so or not. However, we are currently doing research to attempt to prove Time Dilation. And I would agree when people say experience would help on the subject.

      3. Yes and no. If you focus on an object, there is a good chance it will materialize, even more so in a dream with full control. But I wouldn't say it is something hard to control and things will just randomly pop up. It requires at least some concentration, so I wouldn't worry.

      4. Some people may say it's not necessary, but it would definitely help when you are starting off, then when you have a couple of lucid dreams under your belt it stops becoming important, and is more of something people pick up when dream recall is wavering.

      5. Probably not. But if you do become very good, then you can most likely have them almost everyday, but daily might be a bit of a stretch.

      6. It depends on REM cycles, which you may want to look up, as they are very important in some techniques, such as wilds. Sometime you will have a very short lucid dreams, other times they may seem about an hour long.

      7. You won't always feel it as you would in the real world, most of the time it is very different. In any case, the feel your senses are not a way I would recommend to try to become lucid. Focus more on RCs and techniques.

      I hope I helped, and to Dream Views

      P.S: You posted this in the wrong forum

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      thanks =)

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      To answer your third question, I'm pretty sure it's possible to have multiple LD's in one night every day.
      I told one of my friends about Lucid Dreaming and the same night he had 3 of them.
      Natural I guess.
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