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      Post Chained false awakenings

      Yesterday afternoon I lay on my bed and really did not feel tired. But something told me that I must be dreaming, I only remember a bright white light which shined through my window. I did some RCs, which confirmed that I was dreaming.

      I got out of my bed seeing my room quite different. Suddenly I was back in my bed and it seems that I just woke up. My room was different again, there were people talking to me. I seemed very tired and closed my eyes, when I suddenly woke up again. You guess, everything was a little bit different now and again I got out of my bed.

      I walked across the room, fully aware of my dream state. I tried to change the whole scene by closing my eyes and thinking of a place where I'd like to be. When I closed my eyes the dream faded away and I woke up. I was still dreaming, so I stood up and went out of my room, seeing my father. I woke up again. At this point I was really annoyed by this false awakening. I know that this shouldn't happen and that I couldn't control my dream. When I left my room and later the house there was one thing, which let me wake up for real. I saw my mother, who looked turkish and I asked what happened. She told me everything is alright and told me that I was a turk, too, "What's wrong with it?".
      The next RC's were negative, so I was fully awake. I tried reentering my dream, but I couldn't.

      I have an idea how this false awakening chain
      could be happened, I'd like to hear if this is possible from you guys, who have much more experience than I.
      My house is next to the street, there is approximately 3 meters plus the wall from my bed to the street. Because of the fact that it was afternoon and there were many cars driving on the street I think every time a car drove past I woke up again. Is this realistic?

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      I've had lots of chains of FAs with no traffic around. Whether or not it's realistic that this is what caused yours, I have no idea, but that is not what has caused mine.

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      I've had a very similar experience. The garbage truck was outside and the street and made a loud bang every few minutes that triggered a false awakening. So yes, I think the external noise could have been the culprit in your case. I've also been stuck in false awakening chains when there was no obvious external annoyance. In those cases, I'd guess it's some internal trigger, like stress or hunger or random brain chemistry.
      I am sure about illusion. I am not so sure about reality.

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