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      I had my longest LD today, but it was also the most boring?

      I just woke up from the longest LD I think i ever had but the whole time i felt restricted so I couldn't do exactly what I wanted. It was weird because I knew I could fly and stuff so I did but one time when i flew, it was on a dog house, and I didnt find that weird, then my mom came out and was telling me to not run into houses or crash on the ground because it would hurt until I woke up, then when I tried to teleport to somewhere else (because I was right in front of my house most of the time and I was getting bored) I heard some news thing say that humans are too greedy and because of that I couldn't teleport.

      I eventually lost lucidity then when I tried to go lucid again I woke up. Does anyone know how to be more lucid? I rubbed my hands together but that just stabilized the dream but didnt help me believe I could do whatever I wanted no matter what.
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      It's mostly a mental thing. Rubbing your hands, and spinning, and stuff like that is helpful, but you need to remind yourself constantly where you are (in a dream). Verbalize it. Tell yourself, "This is a dream" and think about the implications. Remember that there are no societal or physical laws. Just keep remembering and exploring.
      The Key is to combine your waking rational abilities with the infinite possibilities of your dreams, because if you can do that, you can do anything.

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