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      I was THIS close to having a Lucid Dream!

      Alright, first of all let me say this site is amazing! So much help. I've been training for lucidity for a week now and last night without trying I almost had a lucid dream but need some help from you guys, here's what happened:

      I followed this tutorial ( htt**p://img532.imageshack.us/img532/9822/1272102744530.jpg remove asterisks)by accident without even knowing I was following it. I was tired and was trying to go to sleep, then I started hearing this weird vibrating, humming sound, I then noticed I was in sleep paralysis and my body was feeling all tingly, and I instantly remembered about the tutorial and knew I was about to lucid dream. Only problem was that I kept switching in and out of dreamworld and into real world, I would close my eyes but my room would appear(Sorta like my eyelids had holes in them), so it felt like I kept rapid blinking. I wanted to make sure what I was in so I remembered about the "Light switch trick" so I instantly pictured a light switch, at this time I was still lying in bed confused, so I just reached out my arm (like how someone would try to reach to turn off an alarm when they're still sleepy) and I sorta felt this light switch and I flicked it, heard the flicking noise, but the lights didn't go on so I knew I was in a lucid dream. But then the rapid blinking became faster and I was getting so confused so I just sorta gave up and opened my eyes real wide to wake up.(During this WHOLE experience I kept 'rapid blinking')

      Now I need help to completely get into dream land, I was right there but I couldn't completely get there. And by the way, the rapid blinking was because my 'dream land'/setting was the same exact place as my real world setting, only that one cabinet in my bedroom was different so I could sorta tell them apart.

      Please Help! Thank you!

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      I think a good way to get into the dream environment is to get up rather than just laying there. Stand up and flick the light switch (or perform any RC) rather than laying still. As only your dream body will stand up you'll separate yourself from your conscious body and likely fully transition into the dreaming state, albeit with lucidity.

      Hope this helps

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