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      Question Shapeshifting dilemma

      Since I started lucid dreaming, the idea of turning into something else (animal, object) was very attractive to me. Logically, youre supposed to think hard about what you want to transform into and try to feel the change.

      However, every single time I turn into something (ex:zombie), I go do another thing only to find that once I divert my attention from my "new body" I become human again! Im sure this has happened to everyone at some point. Is there any trick where you can stabilise the transformation and concentrate on something else?
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      At least you can shapeshift...

      This is a hard to solve sounding problem indeed. Things can only exist in dreams if they have your attention. If I were you I would try to not shapeshift to be say, a zombie because thats what you want to be / you always felt like one / you think you would make a good zombie, then go running around your dream, but try actively feeling and experiencing your zombiehood and how you go about doing stuff as a zombie. That way you never stop thinking about the fact that your a zombie, and so you can be. I hope that helps.

      Keep trying.

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