I am having problems with any dream control at all, I did lucid dreaming before and after some time I gave up, now I started again but it's the same thing again, I just can't control anything at all no matter how much I try. I can easily go lucid but once I get there 2 things can happen...

1. I wake up in my bed, fully aware of myself and able to feel myself and everything BUT I am unable of getting out of bed, my eyes want to shut myself and I struggle to even sit up and no matter how much I try I just can't move, something is pulling me back in bed, I will either break free of it after some time but lose all lucidity and forget about anything happening after OR I will just let it take over and then I lie down and just wake up...end xD;; (I am apsolutely sure that this is not a Sleep paralasis as sometimes some dream characters know to show up in my room and tell me something I always fail to remember but I know it's always something different, once it was some creature in a form of my mom's body, with vampire teeth telling me to get lost out of the dream(Once only thoo XD))

2. I wake up in bed and do a reality check or just know I'm dreaming already, I don't feel my body at all, at start I feel my breathing but after a bit I stop feeling that too, I know I'm dreaming but I am unable to control myself and my toughts are...well kinda...stupid XD I do more what I would like to do but my thinking about it is kinda weird, Like Let's go trough the wall, if I can't "This is a dream I must be able" then again and so on till I wake up, but yah sometimes I just try random stuff and the thing is, no matter WHAT I try in my dream, chaging scenery, flying, summoning, making a dream character anything at all that is only able in dream nothing works at all, I have no control over the dream I can just go along with what it gives me so I usually spend my time in my useless atempts to do stuff, not really controling myself but just watching from first person and then wake up after some time (From 10 minutes to about 3 hours)

So yah...I need help how to get any control whatsoever, I keep trying various things but nothing works at all, the way I go lucid is usually attempt to WILD, I fail it and then I MILD for a bit and go to sleep untill I feel my body shaking and next moment I'm in a dream, I even tell myself what to try when I go lucid and I do try to do that but it never ever works or gives me any control, I am starting to feel like I am unable to lucid dream at all XD;;

Thanks for reading ^^