alright so, active control in lucid dreams never works for me. Recently, ive neglected Dreaming while caught up in real life and had some lucids a couple days ago (im hooked...for the 320th time) so im looking to get back into it, and stay into it. And ive been experimenting with passive control. has anyone had trouble with lucidity and vividness when using this type of control? like, a lot of times my dreams are less vivid and i lose lucidity more easily.(i get swept up in dream logic) When i try and use active control it doesnt work, but everything is so... VIVID. and im super aware im dreaming.
Aive been trying to summon stairs in my last few lucids passivly, and ive alreadly tried the "turn around and except it to be there" and asking a DC to show me some stairs... any ideas?
Any help with it would be appreciated