Share your dream experiences here, where you have changed nature in some way. The only way I've been able to do this has been by turning night into day. I've achieved this twice.

Night to day again (WBTB)


I started to fade into the dreamworld and at at first I was trying to see a lake. After a while I gave up and let the world form around me as it wanted to. I ended up spinning around my room. I landed myself on the ground and walked out into the living room. I said clarify over and over and rubbed my hands together. I was disappointed that it was night time. I went though the front door outside. The front door had a sign on it that said "push". I still pulled it open though by turning the knob. I went outside and there was a red truck parked in front of our house. I walked to the street and focused on the skies stars. I was going to make night day. I put my hands in the air and pulled the sky. After a while I saw light on the horizon. Then a huge chunk of the sky became bright clouds. The rest of the night sky was still black, with stars. I then did the same thing to the rest of the sky to the right of where I did it already. It worked all the way as far as I could see in that direction. It lit up everything around it. The clouds had bright beautiful colors in them. As I looked I could see sky scrapers with bright lights revealed behind our houses in the dark area of the sky.

The other one, I posted here.