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      Passive control in a non lucid

      I guess this is what you call passive control. I was in a non lucid dream and i was in my house that is being built. There was a time shift of about a few days and I was still in the house but we were in the process of moving in. I noticed a room that didnt fit in the house and shouldnt have been there. I could tell that it wasnt supposed to be there so I walked into the study and was looking out the door of the study. Everything seemed normal but I just couldnt understand it. I looked at the back wall of the study and then I thought hey I know what I can do. (keep in mind I still didnt know I was dreaming I just knew that I could do this) I turned back around and told myself the floorplan would be on the wall when I turned back. I turned back around and leaning up against the wall were two boards that had the floor plan on them. I kept staring at them and couldnt find the extra room on them anywhere. Then the dream ended.

      I find it funny that I knew I had that control without knowing that it was a dream
      I accept that my reality is always a dream so if something changes I know I'm right.

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      Yeh, I've tried that too, I kind of regreted not fully realising it was a dream.
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      Hey! I had two Dreams like that before! Visit my channel (If you want to) to view them.

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