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      Wating Lucidity Lately


      My last lucid dream, before last night's, at least saw me attempt one of my lucid goals, even if partially failed. I became lucid in front of my mirror in the bathroom, and turned towards the hallway door with the intention of walking through it into a more interesting dream. Unfortunately in my excitement I forgot to formulate what the other side WAS. I drifted thru blackness, took a flying mentality to it, and a new dream surrounded me.

      I was at a pool, and Wolverine was there. I REALLY didn't wanna waste time with that, but I knew I wouldn't be able to concentrate on dream creation, so we fought and I eventually woke up.

      Then last night, a repeated portion of my nights dream made me aware I was dreaming, like seeing a rerun. Spider-Man had gotten beat up, so I stood up and beat up his attackers. I then moved Spider-Man outside to patio furniture, and was impressed by how VIVID things became outside. I took in the crisp morning air, and set Spidey down. I stood up, looked around to think of what I should do with lucidity and I woke up!

      Okay, I -love- comic books, but I'm NOT obsessed with superheroes and the above instances has me a bit embarrassed. Gaining lucidity in the middle of something already interesting makes it hard for me to shut down what's happening and focus on my goals.

      I've tried tactile stuff to stengthen the dreams, but they don't seem to last more than a minute tops in "dream time".

      Any opinions?
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      You have to focus and just do. The only way to get anything done in lucid dreams is to focus and do.

      Not much else to say.
      Alex is greatest. He <i>is</i> the Master Flan.

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