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    Thread: Does Dream Time and Real life time correlate?

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      Does Dream Time and Real life time correlate?

      Sorry if this is the wrong place for me to put this but it seems appropriate depending on the answers I get.

      If I am in a dream, does the amount of time I am in the dream correlate with real life time? Meaning, can I have a dream that lasts 2 years? Because I have had a similar non-lucid dream where I lived through 2 years of an apocalyptic world but I'm hearing that they correlate. Can someone confirm this?

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      There are people who believe that there is a time dilatation in dreams but I actually think that the dreams where it feels like you spent for example days or weeks or even years dreaming are caused just by false memories. For example you think you lived one day in a dream but it you analyze it, you find out that it's caused just because there are similar memories to the "day checkpoints" (waking up, breakfast, toilet, school/work, lunch, coming home, rest, dinner...) but in fact you don't have clear memories for the whole day, for every minute. Just your brain is confused and makes it a whole day because of some memory fragments that seem like making a day together.

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      It's possible, everything is possible in dreams. There are people who lived weeks or even years in lucid dream, it can take alot of practice though to do it while lucid unless you have some kind of talent. But what Hitokage mentioned is also possible, i've experienced both true time dilation and false memory version(Albeit mostly in non-lucids) and my maximum was i think was around a week or so.

      Here's also good thread to check out for people"s discussions about this: http://www.dreamviews.com/dream-cont...cid-dream.html
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