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      difference between dreaming and awake

      Clearly there is some differences in the dream realm that are directly the opposite of being awake. One of these we would all be familiar with is how much more malable the dream environment is in that you are basically more free seeminly, but this comes with a little bit of a trade off in that things are also a lot more difficult to sustain and manage. The laws of dreams are a lot different to the laws of when you are awake. In waking you definitely can't easily fly out the window. Sometimes in dreams you can do this, sometimes you may find even in the dream you can't. What you can and can't do in dreams changes! It would seem that the rules of dreams are similar that of waking state, but then again they totally break those rules at times. Some people say the rules of dreaming are just what you imagine or create in your mind. I would say this is only a half truth. Dreams are fascinatingly good at breaking your expectations of things. Often I wake up thinking, why or how did that happen? All this focus on 'getting a certain experience' did lead me to think about my mindset over the years, and it often disturbed me in my dream when I went against something that I found to be correct. So this made me think what should the ethics of Lucid dreaming be if any? I did recognize that I wanted to have some ethics, but with a different realm comes a different way of responding, and you couldn't apply every way in which you interact in waking as you do dreaming. It's very different and rightly so. As an example a lot of the time I would jump in a car on the side of the street just to drive really fast around the highways and roads. This seems innocent enough in a dream but if you did this in real life it would amount to car theft, and speeding. Though in the dream realm it's presumable not someone's car, and there is no road rules because you can't realistically 'die'. So this is sort of an example where your ethics change a bit. But I think it's inapropriate to consider everything as imaginary. I believe some things you encounter in dreams are spirits, and that as a lucid dreaming you should learn to recognize the difference between your mind, your creations, and something within your dream that is on the realm you are in. Many people don't go this far, but I do.

      One of the reasons I highly support this theory that the dream world is a real spiritual realm is my experiences with leaving my body. As I have being half asleep and awake, I have many times clearly seperated myself from my body and felt my consiousness and awareness lifting out of my body like an OBE. At this stage I know that what appears to be my room, has merged itself onto the dream realm, and im entering into a different dimension, but it's still clear to me that my consiousness has left my body and I feel that clearly, what is a 'lucid dream' to me here is actually dimensional travel in which I am traveling through dimensions.

      Also dreams do something strange with time, it appears that this realm does not go by the same notion of time as when awake. When I wake from a dream or experience it feels like the entire thing happened 'outside of time'. And that time is actually a construct in this realm that is also malable.

      There is a lot more to say about it but any thoughts?

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      Interesting thoughts but unfortunately Beyond Dreaming is probably a better part of the board to post this subject in.

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      Interesting thread and thoughts. To understand how to lucid dream and why we lucid dream. This might be a good way to share our personal perception of how we actually feel about the differences between being in a dream and awake, like the thread suggest.

      So, my basic idea of how dreams work is simply this. I believe that one's emotion play the biggest part in our dreams. Because emotions in dreams are (at least for me) usually stronger in dreams than in waken life. And since logic is very limited in dreams, there are not to many option to rely on, that are based on logic. But most on what we feel like doing without to much reflection over what we do.

      Since our emotions in reality tends to stick to what we believe for certain things. Then those strong emotion loaded beliefs get some room in our dreams as well. For example, 8+7=15 that is something that you normaly know bearly without thinking about it, and if someone else try to argue that it's something else. You probably wont put any emotion in that discussion or do a big thing about it. So this is something you are certain about. And that's why you wont feel attacked when someone claims something else about 8+7. So this kind of knowing will probably not have any significant impact in your dreams.

      But if you take something like stealing, then that will probably be loaded with emotions depending of what you believe about stealing. Is it right or is it wrong for you to steal..? Well, if the scenario apeared in a dream like the example
      As an example a lot of the time I would jump in a car on the side of the street just to drive really fast around the highways and roads. This seems innocent enough in a dream but if you did this in real life it would amount to car theft, and speeding.
      If the feeling for speed was in your priority. Then I would say that, that's why you find yourself a car to begin with. The feeling of speed might have attached itself with what we are most used to when it comes to speed in our waking life. Even if a spacechip would be faster, it's a more ailen concept to the mind than a car would be. How ever, since the feeling of speed was the stronger emotion than your concept of stealing at the time. Your dream might simply let you have a car, since that was your main prior feeling at the time. But if you find yourself walking down the street passing a car and there is no strong feeling of speeding. Then your moral emotions would most likely do them self know to you if you got tempted to take a car that you feel not belong to you. So if your moral emotions are not strong enough connected to your beliefes, then they might fail you, and you go against your "thinking" in the dream.

      I have one of these examples of my own to, when it comes to "logical-thinking" in dreams. I and a ex-girlfriend had some struggle with eachother. So this lead me to thinking of other girls from time to time. But I always had my moral principles about that as long as Im in a relationship with her, I simply wont cheat on her or go flirting with others. So sometimes in my dreams, I was in those situations where I find myself with another girl and that there was about to be some action. But every time I was about to take part in that action, my "logic-mind" was telling me. This isn't okey dude. So I always turned those opportunities down in the last minute. But now when Im single, I sometimes find myself in action without really know how I got there in the first place. And the feeling/thought if this is okay or not was completly gone after that relationship ended. So it's not that im "thinking" less in my dreams now, but there is simply just no counter-emotion that stops me anymore in that area.

      So with all this said. Thinking in dreams is more about feelings in the end I would say. So how come we dont feel the difference between reality and dreams then? First of all, most of us feel that reality and dream are to separate things. And the main problem with that is that, since dreams are the biproduct of our waken life so to speak. Then what we feel about our reality will have a huge impact about how we feel in our dreams too. And that, that feelings tend to be stronger in dreams than in our waking life, probably makes it even harder to realize when we actually are dreaming. Many many things in dreams are so unreal that we sometimes are able to cath the hints about that it might be a dream, but our feeling that this is reality is often so strong. That we sometimes have to make an RC just to confirm that we really are dreaming.

      Just think how often we FEEL ourselfs to be in reality during our days, compared to the fraction of seconds/minutes that we might question our reality during our waking hours. I think we have to think less and feel more when it comes to lucid dreaming. Pure awareness itself is all about sense experience, and thinking wich becomes "knowing" attached to senses, comes at second place to awareness.

      So often this "knowing" what reality is. Is for the majority of people, a label that makes you less interested to get to know reality further than you already do. But gets you more time to spend with your own thoughts, and experiencing your own view of reality. Rather than letting awareness accept what IS, a.k.a "reality".

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