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    Thread: Telekinesis Fail

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      Telekinesis Fail

      tldr, I really need to remember to use verbal commands in my lucids. Long story short: I realized I was lucid as I was walking though my house to the back room and thought of changing the sky from daytime to nighttime. I wanted to change the blue sky to black by just "thinking" it to change. While I felt that something was shifting or trying to change, nothing happened

      Maybe if I yelled out at the dream to change the sky it would work. I know I have changed the sky before by just moving clouds apart with my hands. It was like I was painting except I had the dream sky and clouds to manipulate. That's as interactive as its gotten for me so I don't know, I just need to remember those voice commands next time. Just "willing" it or using telekenesis may work for some people but I've had issues with spawning (yes I used the 'spawning" word ) objects and people. I'm not sure if its my lack of practice or mindset but I've not really been able to manifest objects into existence at will while lucid. Anyway, just my two cents for tonight

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      I should probably try more verbal commands. The only one I usually adhere to is "I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming..." but I tend to use my lucid 'powers' by just willing them to happen. You are right, though: the success rate does vary. I think verbal commands might be a good way to go, but I think it would be a tough habit for me to get used to. I'm so accustomed to just doing things (or trying to, anyway. Lol).
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      I used to struggle a lot with summoning/spawning stuff too. This thread was pretty helpful though: http://www.dreamviews.com/dream-cont...ay-summon.html

      I liked this one thing that sivason said (from another thread still but it was linked to the best way to summon thread)
      Quote Originally Posted by sivason View Post
      There may be easier methods than what I am going to explain. They may involve catch phrases like "confidence" or "just believe," but that is never really very helpful.

      The first thing you need to do is learn to stop thinking of the visual field in a dream as solid or conforming to even the most basic principles of real life. To do this you start with simply attempting to rend or smudge the visual field. Start with an idea that you are looking at a chalk board. Put your fingers on a table top or wall and watch very closely. Feel as if it is a painting, not real. Now draw your fingers slowly down it and expect the visuals to get mangled and blurred like they would if you did this to a fresh oil painting. As soon as you can do this with your hand, practice doing this to an object simply by moving your hand slowly in front of the object. At this point you are not trying to reshape it, you just want to blur it or warp it. You are convincing your brain that this is just graphics like a painting that is still wet. Now move to doing this simply by visualizing the blurring effect. As soon as you can look at a candle and cause it to blur and melt simply by this method, it is only a short step to what you are after. You cause the object to blur and distort, then you see in your imagination/minds eye the new object form.

      Hope that helps!
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