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    Thread: Powerless dreams

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      Angry Powerless dreams

      Hello, I'm pretty new to this site so this might not be the right place to post this.
      Ever since I started LDing(which was about 2 years ago), I've been able to become lucid (and remember things like thoughts and emotions), and they are pretty long and vivid. But no matter what I do or what I think of I can't change ANYTHING,and I mean ANYTHING in the dream. Sometimes I'm being attacked by someone or something and I literally can not do anything, my legs are unusually heavy, and the "enemy" is seemingly immune to everything I do(and finds my efforts hilarious). Summoning something or someone is out of the question. The best I've ever been able to do is imagine a pistol, but the bullets just bounced off.
      Any advice is appreciated, thanks in advance.

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      I'd suggest you reading up this thread:
      It might be just that you need to apply different strategy for 'Dream Control'
      And for heavy legs it might be temporary issue or you might be accidently causing it?
      Dreams are controlled by our emotions aswell, so if we will fear that after becoming lucid we won't be able to move legs and become attacked by enemy then there's a chance that this will happen

      I'd suggest you going with BillyBob's Passive Control Method
      And if you ever accidently or randomly get heavy legs or similar stuff then try some basic dream control to get rid off that like yelling in dream 'metal legs gear turn off' while being confident that your legs were heavy because you activated some kind of weapon system and now turning it off will wash the effect away or just come up with something similar yet simpler than mine example

      - Goodluck
      I'm back! Again? Uhhh..

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      Just know you're the one in command, that actually helped me with dream control. Don't think or believe, KNOW you can do something and it'll happen.
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      I believe a lot of it has to do with you actually believing that you are in command. If you say to the dream "Do x" yet doubt "x" will happen, there's a lesser chance it will happen. That is not to say that you must remove all doubt, as I don't think anyone can do that. Just go over the fact that your dream is your dream, created by your mind and that you can most definitely influence it when you get lucid. When you confirm these ideas, start small. Or don't, if you feel like it. The only reason you'd want to start small is because it is implied to us logically throughout real world physics that bigger things require more energy to change. In reality, in the dream world, it's not like that. You might as well move a really big rock with ease yet not be able to push as mall one.

      It is all in your head. Once you realize that these constraints to your dream control are arbitrary mental blockades that were injected in your brain by various means, you'll find it a lot easier to actually control the dream.
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      I would suggest saying to yourself 100 times a day that you are the dream itself and can control it. I have found that if I can manipulate my perceptions that I can do almost anything in a dream. I can eat rocks and make them taste like cotton candy, mold metal like putty and have it be hard when I want it to be.

      After you truly convince yourself that the dream is you and get used to being in a lucid dreams it will come naturally.

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