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      so... im able to lucid dream but..

      I'm unable to keep a hold ^^; also can someone help me because WBTB doesn't seem to work for me anymore.

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      I'm not great at maintaining lucidity, but my last LD was the longest I've had yet (~3 minutes). I guess just keep practicing and try different stabilization techniques - what worked for me was shouting "Stabilize now!". I heard someone say that by the time you've had about 50 LDs they will be much more stable.

      Other things you can do:
      -Touch the world around you
      -Rub your hands together
      -Move your eyes around
      -Spin around

      That's all I can think of. Hope this helps

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      First, welcome to DV, Trevor!

      Now, I'm not sure what WBTB, which is simply a technique for waking after several hours of sleep, pausing, and then going back to sleep (and dreams) without fully interrupting your sleep cycle, has to do with stabilization, so you might consider stepping away from the stuff that got you to the dream once you're there. Stabilization is about hanging onto he dream, your waking-life self-awareness, and sleep all at the same time; this has nothing o do with WBTB, but a lot to do with staying calm, enjoying the dream scenery you've been given and, above all, remembering who you are who is creating the dream (you), and that your actual body is sleeping in bed, right where you left it.

      That's what I got; hope it helps!

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