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    Thread: Wall in the sky?

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      Wall in the sky?

      Okay ever since i started lucid dreaming ive found it extremly hard. I woul always double jump and thats the best it got. Then recently i had a lucid dream and i kept trying to fly over and over untill i finaly managed to get it. I flew up to the sky only to realise that there was a wall that covered the entire sky this made me frustrated because that was one thing that i was extremely excited to do and this huge wall was in the way.

      Is there any way to get past it?
      why is it there in the first place?
      And does it have something to do with my fear of space?

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      It's you mind! That's important to realise. It might be some mental block you have but just a dream manifestation of it, nothing really hard to overcome. YOu just need to be determined to for example penetrate it like superman or something.
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