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    Thread: Vision blocking

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      Vision blocking

      Ever since I was young I have had a little hobby. Whenever I go to bed I tend to lie awake for quite a while (unfortunately). So to pass the time a little I used to focus on one point in my bedroom and then try to blurr out something else in my vision. So for example I would look at the door, focus completely on that and then try to blurr out the painting on the wall that was just within my field of view. Untill I could no longer see it and it would become a part off the wall. All while keeping my eyes focused on the door.

      Now this works best with a kind of dark room. For instance a dark room with only light coming in from a window at night, or some lights from alarm clocks. Then you can focus on a lighter part and blurr out other parts.

      So lately I got the hang of it. While I was young it would take me sometimes half an hour to blurr it out for only a second. Now I can blurr out entire parts of my room for longer periods of time. Last night though I went one step further. It sort of all clicked and I could blurr out pretty much everything around my focus point (the window) without much effort. Then I started to blurr out the window itself, which became more like a white spot removed of any details. When finally for only a second or two I was looking at my room with both my eyes opened fully and my vision was completely blocked. I couldn't see anything.

      After that I had some trouble finding details again, so I put on the lights for a while and adjusted back to a detailed world, before I went to sleep. It was a really weird sensation to look at the world with your eyes opened without seeing anything. I know I have read some things in dream yoga (I think?) that had a similar proces of controlling vision, only with your eyes closed. I feel it is very similar to that.

      Could this somehow help me getting more cotrol over my dreams? And do you think there might be a better way to go about doing these things? Also, does anyone else have experience in these things?

      For those who are still curious I'll explain in a little more details how my vision changes while focussing in a spoiler. It is really hard for me to explain, so if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!
      Spoiler for Explanation:
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      Cool! I think this can benefit your lds in several ways. First, this practice helps improve your focus and attention and those are at the heart of everything in an ld. Therefore, you might find it easier to summon objects in general as your focus is much sharper. Any thoughts you have would be easier to manifest. Personally, I've noticed similar effects from doing certain visualization exercises.

      Second, this kind of technique or some variation of it would be great to apply during the dream. By blurring certain objects you will be able to manipulate the dream environment with greater ease and allow it to change according to your expectations. While you focus on a certain object, blur out the rest and in the meantime you can substitute the object with another one or change the entire scene altogether. Finally, you can also use it to zoom move around. Try it out!
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