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      Unhappy Stress and a complete drop of dream control

      So normally I have pretty decent control over my lucid dreams, enough to usually summon up people or fly or change scenery. But lately this month I'm getting absolutely nothing. I start in a lucid dream and all I can do is stand there, and I still feel my physical body. I'm wondering if this can be attributed to stress? My husband and I just moved across the country so I'm wondering if that's what's messing with me, since all my well-controlled lucids have been at our old house.

      Here's a recent entry which pretty much sums up all my lucids I've had lately:

      So... I had about five episodes of sleep paralysis last night because I slept so horribly. I tried using each one to enter a lucid dream but mostly failed. The first one I was so heavy and it felt like I was trying to sit up in bed while being super sick. I looked down at my hands and my fingers were just all over the place, but I couldn't bring myself to get out of the bed, which sucked. I told myself I should've just tried floating out of bed... The second time I went lucid, I again looked at my hands but instead of my fingers being weird, my entire hand was blurry as hell. I was able to stand up and I backed up to the wall, trying to take in everything around me in an effort to stabilize. Again I couldn't move. But this time I remembered to float, and I was staring up at the ceiling, which stretched out super high now, and started floating upwards. I think I was trying to get my dumb ass to the hyperbolic time chamber, haha... but then I was pulled back into my own body. Fffffail. Why have my lucid dreams been so hard to control and stabilize this month? It must be all the stress from moving cross-country :\ I've noticed I have a lot of dreams involving driving lately, so yeah.
      So has anyone else had their dream control be affected by stress, change, etc.? I assumed stress would affect how often I lucid dreamed, not the dream control itself.

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      Yes stress and a lot of various thoughts can certainly affect LD ability in many ways. It's all your mind after all ^^
      Great LD goal by the way
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      Totally agree, stress and sleep deprivation can certainly affect your LD (as well as your general sleep health).
      I think what's important to remember here is that each *failed* attempt at LD, each morning we wake up and can't remember our dreams, each time we don't achieve what we set out to do, it's not a missed opportunity, it's experience. And that experience is going to pay off eventually.

      Things will get better, stress will reduce, certain worries will leave our mind, and if we continue to set our intentions and work towards LD, we are going to achieve our goals.

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