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    Thread: Weird Dreamreaction when performing a wanted action. Spaceexploration and Mirrors. Questions.

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      Weird Dreamreaction when performing a wanted action. Spaceexploration and Mirrors. Questions.

      Okay first off, I've had usually most DILDS in one night. When I quit smoking weed however, which was a week ago, I stopped having them and my dream recall went really bad. So for the first nights I'd still try everything you know WBTB, RC, etc. But then yesterday I thought to myself "without dream recall it wont happen, so just focus on the DJ until it gets better."

      Now to this morning, I woke up at 5 and couldn't sleep because it was way to hot in my room, so I opened my Window and chilled on YouTube a bit, after 1 hour I closed everything and went back to bad WITHOUT the intention to dream but rather just to get some sleep.
      What happened: I couldn't really fall asleep hard like for good because there was still a little heat left in my room. So i found myself drifting on and off through reality and dream so much in fact that sometimes I didn't what was what. Then all of a sudden I hear a very loud buzzing sound and with my mind unconsciously I focused on that buzzing sound, mainly to move it away from my ear because it was disturbing my sleep lol . it was then when it hit me that I was in the middle of a WILD. All of a sudden I became conscious. I did the procedure and ended up in a LD. I flew a bit as usual and had sex with a very hot woman. The feeling almost woke me but I concentrated on rubbing my hands while fucking her . Nevertheless I woke up a little bit after the sex because I wasnt aware enough. I thought I'll just lay here and try again. Funny enough it worked. And it worked for I'd say 5 LDs in a Row. But the last and longest one, was the one that made me think. In all of these LDs I did nothing really special I mean I touched everything, had sex multiple times, drove a Lambo, drove a Motorcycle, and flew with them as in stunts in GTA V. One really funny thing was I flew up high with the Intention to explore Space. Which is something that I would love to do. What happened was as I reached the highest Point I just came out of the Water Surface. Likw the human population was under water but felt totally normal and above water animals reigned the earth so mother nature could recover . After I failed with the Spaceexploration I wanted to try another thing that is on my List. Which is to talk to myself in the mirror. First approach: Funny Eyes and as soon as I would start talking I feel a huuuuge amount of pressure on my head just pushing me away and down simultaneously. The second time the same thing happen but this time with tooth ache as well. Its like the dream is FORCING me with all its power to not talk to the mirror. When I asked the DCs they didn't know anything. I woke up then I thought I could just shout out in the dream that I wanted to talk to my fears for example instead of doing it in front of a mirror but couldn't get to sleep again. Guess I'll try tomorrow again.

      The Questions:
      1) How the **** can I get to space? I tried flying, or using doors(never worked) .
      2) Has this thing with the mirror, pressure and pain ever happened to you? what does it mean? how can I overcome it.

      I'll let you know after I tried tomorrow if the shouting worked.

      And for all the Newbies and desperate ones, KEEP PRACTICING, it took me forever as well but if you stay on track with RC, and DJ. you will eventually ave one. And let me tell you consistent LDs or long ones are so fucking awesome I woke up and only said. WOW.
      sorry for the long text and spell errors I'm writing really fast.

      TL;DR: Read the Questions and : I failed with the Spaceexploration. Failed talking to the mirror as soon as I would start talking I feel a huuuuge amount of pressure on my head just pushing me away and down simultaneously with horrendous tooth ache as well. Its like the dream is FORCING me with all its power to not talk to the mirror.

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      I've never had amazing LD's like the ones you described here, but nevertheless I'll try to answer your questions.

      1. You may unconsciously be holding yourself back. This may be because you weren't completely lucid and were still thinking "Space is dangerous, maybe I shouldn't go there instead. It could also be because of expectations, again due to not being fully lucid. Other than that, I don't know.

      2. Never happened to me, but it could be representing something about how you feel about yourself. This is almost always the case with mirrors. You could subconsciously not want to see yourself, or something close. I don't know how you could overcome it, though, sorry.
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      As Lama said, looks like you have some kind of block in your mind. I think it's the answer for both questions. What exactly did you expect to happen? Didn't you feel fear or something negative when attempting to do those things?
      Anyway I think that if you keep trying you will eventually achieve that. I noticed that in LD you just need to repeat some things as many times as possible to get them working.
      If you feel like it, please take a look at my YouTube channel:
      If you don't, hm well have a nice day anyway ^_^

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