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    Thread: Dream sign patterns

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      Dream sign patterns

      I have been noticing a trend in my dream sign recognition. For example, I have a DS of my deceased father. He would show up in a series of non- LDs until i recognize it and trigger my LD. After this happens it would be a quite a while ( weeks/ months) before I have this particular DS again. Once the DS comes back, it takes several times for me to pick up on it and the cycle continues. This same pattern has occurred with at least 3 other DSs. Fortunately the majority of my LDs are MILDS ( i just remember to RC during non LDs ) triggering DELDs and DEILDs.. Any one else have this problem?

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      Can't say that I have. I find certain dream signs are brought on by association and mental state. So for dreamsigns to appear regularly for some time, and less so at other times, is quite normal for me. Depends on the mood I'm in and what I've been doing/thinking about during my waking days.

      Also, might it be possible to by 'wanting to recognize the sign as a dream sign', you're making it appear more in your dreams. Oncel the goal you had in mind is fulfilled, you move on to other goals, and lessen your attention on this particular sign (thus causing it to appear less)?

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