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      Dream faild to land me home


      MY valk failed me , I feel I was coming home from dreamwork and my trusty valk was riding me home in my new dreamhome and i remember the window was open and light was on and my valk I was guiding my trusty valk to fly me into the window, where I remember is my home. And thoughts ran into like my neighbours woud hear my comingm from the window but used to it. I pay me neighbour and I remember coming into this window several times by bird. I just don't remember the insides. Or anything. And I circled around the roof a few times but never made it inside. I simply woke up.. :'(

      It's soo sad because I was so tired and wanted to go sleep in my new dream house. I even felt my valk was kinda like, yep I faild. I can't land...

      That's all I remember even though I remember a little about moving in.. I don't feel like I can ever go back to this dream even tho it felt so real..

      omg. its so saddd

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      It has been some weeks since your post, so I expect the emotions are long past and maybe you already reflected on the dream and came to your own conclusion. Nonetheless, I found your story interesting and I have a comment.

      I think the English word for your "valk" is "falcon." It is a type of bird that can be trained to seek prey on command, and then return. That's the essence of a falcon: it does what you command and then returns. So your dream about returning home shares a lot of symbolism with the falcon.

      Now, my point is about interpretation rather than control. I think when you have a very clear archetype (Falcon should return) then dreams will often present the opposite scenario. This is one of the roles of dreams: to challenge you beliefs. It forces you to reconcile belief and experience. Through this conflict, your beliefs evolve and change. There is no success or failure; there is only progress.
      I am sure about illusion. I am not so sure about reality.

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