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    Thread: What was that?

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      What was that?

      Sooo i was woken in the not so early morning up by some strange noises in my room(not ghost hopefully) and was pretty sure that it wasnt a false awakening so i just drifted back into the dream world. Non-lucid me decided that he would do a reality check and voila i was lucid, not too lucid though since i could not get out of my bed, then again there werent any beds. Basically i was in a white room with nothing in it except only a few cubes in the corners of said room. I felt like i was laying on something but like i said there were no beds.I could not move my body, only my hands i think im still not very sure because it was all a blur. Seconds after that i woke up and i was quite confused. I remember hearing childrens voices in my room though that isnt out of the ordinary because it was morning and i live next to a playground.Was this sleep paralysis, lucid dream perhaps, i have no idea since i felt like i was half awake...well at least my body was. Im quite new to lucid dreaming but im very interested and at this point im not even trying to lucid dream im just trying to recall my dreams(im a deep sleeper so its a bit hard for me). Do you have any ideas about what could this weird non-vivid half awake LD or whatever could be?

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      Hello killmepls,
      Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis before ?
      What you describe may be some SP, but it could also be a "simple" hypnagogic state related experience. What you heard before and during the experience is very likely to be an auditive hallucination that happens during hypnagogia.
      When we are very close to sleep, this kind of not-totally-formed dreams can occur, they are sometimes not enough stable/enduring so it's hard to use them for lucid dreaming... But by training in WILD techniques, we can learn to stabilize them (by touching the surroundings, by rub softly your hands) which "anchor" you in your dream.
      What you did is already a big step (it can be considered as a beginning of a lucid dream), I hope you will have the opportunity to experience it again, and learn to tame this state.

      (sorry for the possible mistakes, I'm french)

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      I honestly think this was a weird non-vivid half awake LD. Being unable to move in a dream isn't surprising. Things like that happen. You can't see, or you can't hear, or you feel dizzy or drunk. Sleep paralysis occurs every time you dream, technically. The only difference is when you're awake for it. That is when you can experience it, and that is the point at which people say that they "experienced sleep paralysis". The fact that you were probably paralyzed at the time may have translated into the dream as you drifted in and out, making you aware, by proxy of the dream itself, of your sleep paralysis. So... Yeah, I think it was a little bit of everything. I experienced things like this a lot when I was learning, and it turned out to be very helpful as it helped me become accustomed and familiar with the dream state.
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