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      Always dreaming the same thing

      Hey guys.

      So I am good at lucid dreaming, can have up to 5 lucid dreams per week, can stay in there long time and I think I know the basics.
      I always wake up in my bedroom and I always do the same thing, pull the sun down so there is light, smash the house to the ground so I can step outside the window and than ALWAYS for the last 15 or so lucid dreams do the same thing! I fly to my sons school and look for one teacher to have a talk with him because my son did something wrong. This is just crazy. I did that that once in my lucid dreams and now I cannot stop doing it. I just go there and do the same thing over and over.
      I cannot remember to do something else.

      Please help me, thanks.

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      This does not sound very "lucid" to me, you should be able to change your plans. I mean, I have a strong urge to fly whenenver I get lucid, but I still can do other things if I really want to.

      Set your intentions very clearly before going to sleep or before attempting WILD. Make a specific plan what you want to achieve once you are lucid, and try to accomplish that. Spend more time to really settle into the dream, i.e. stabilization. Before venturing off and pulling the sun down take your time, touch the bed you are waking up in, touch the walls, really get into your mind that this is a dream, you are in control, and then start doing things because you choose to.
      The whole idea of lucid dreaming is not to dream of weird stuff and accomplishing unreal feats, but to have conscious control over your actions. For me the key to this was more dream control, spend a longer time to stabilize. Try to recall your name/occupation/whatever waking live detail, to connect yourself.

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      Well it's not lucid when you don't realize that it's a dream. If you realized then you would have changed it to your liking not? Try to focus on this dream pattern and use it. When you appear in that situation again grasp the chance and start controlling the dream. It's a great opportunity to recognize that you are dreaming.
      If you feel like it, please take a look at my YouTube channel:
      If you don't, hm well have a nice day anyway ^_^

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