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    Thread: Dreams wake me up.

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      Dreams wake me up.

      I have started having fairly regular lucid dreams each weekend. Always with WBTB in conjunction with MILD. Every time I become Lucid in my bed then proceed to explore. I have had success with levitation, flying and summoning dream characters. Sounds great right? Here is the problem, once I get the action going, its over. The longest Lucid have ever had felt like about six minutes. Finally get control of flying. dream over. Manage to lift car with my mind. Dream over. Hot x-girlfriend walks through the door and says hello. DREAM OVER.

      I know that staying calm and dream stabilization is supposed to cure this problem but strange things happen when I spin or rub my hands together or say clarity now. Once i got dizzy and couldn't stand up straight any more. Another time I saw a weird afterimage of the side of my nose in my right eye. End result every time is disappointment. I have tried setting intention and meditation and everything else i can think of. Any ideas out there. I feel like I am so close to some amazing adventures if I could only stay in the dream.

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      1. Use tasks to enter into new narratives.
      So you like to fly. Fly where? A destination provides an opportunity to connect the task of flying with a new scene. So fly to the Moon. Or to Australia. Or to Narnia. Anywhere, but somewhere that will extend into more storyline that is compelling to you. Same with summoning a person or object. How does this new element create new things to explore? A conversation with the person? A magic trick with the object? Look at each task as opening doors to new things, rather than checking off things-to-do. Another easy way to create a vibrant scene is to borrow from fiction that you like and then re-create it.

      2. Keep it open-ended.
      You can and should always fall-back on the general attitudes of "talk to someone" or "explore the environment with your senses." This mindset can provide endless improvisation and new experiences. If you don't know what to say, just say what you feel. Grab the nearest DC and confess what you are thinking and feeling right then. If you don't know what to explore, look at the plainest things: the sky, the ground, your own body.
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