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    Thread: Creation of Large Cities and Motor Racing Circuits with any car you want

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      Creation of Large Cities and Motor Racing Circuits with any car you want

      OK, so here's the thing, can I create a large city, population 10,000,000 to 20,000,000 of Anthropomorphics with varied architecture and different shops? And also, can I create a Motor Racing Circuit with any car I want? And even fictional one's? And on streets?

      I'm just wondering. Because I really wish I knew more about it.

      Lucid Dreaming takes lots of practice, how do I eventually come with creating Massive epic Creations?

      I mean, how epic can a Lucid Dream Get?
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      You can create anything you can imagine when lucid. Period.

      Large cities are as creatable as small hamlets, if you can remember that they exist not in reality but in your imagination and according to your own perceptions and expectations. In other words, if you decide, without doubt, that you are in a large city with lots of people and a variety of buildings, then you will be. Your dreaming mind is more than capable of providing you with the imagery you desire... so long as you know that that imagery is possible.

      The way to go about creating "Massive epic Creations" is to think a bit less massively about them. Just assume that they should certainly exist in your dreams, and they will; assume, on the other hand, that these great cities or cars are just too awesome or complex to be in your dreams, then they porobably won't appear.

      So: There is no city too big, no world too complex, no car too cool that it cannot be created in your dreams. It's all in your head, in the end, and if your head can contain the imagery of great cities or impossible cars, then so too will your dreams.... as long as you allow it to happen!
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