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    Thread: Bad dream control problem

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      Bad dream control problem

      So I started lucid dreaming 1 month and around 5-7 days ago. I'm able to lucid dream almost at will with the induction method MILD. Real challenge now is the dream control. Basically,in my dream I feel seperation. It's my dream right? I feel like it is n't and I'm not in full control. Just like a visiting explorer with little control. I've gotten my lucid dreams to real life vividness and now this is my new challenge

      Now I want everyone who views this thread to hit me with their best tip. Literally your best,the best of the best. I'm only inches away and I need serious help. Thanks in advance
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      Aw man, I just PM'd Sageous about how I've been struggling with dream control and he gave me the best advice. I put it into practice and my dream control has been phenomenal in every LD since then.
      I think you really hit the nail on the head with your feeling of separation. He suggested that the solution had to do with memory. In particular, fully accessing my memory when I'm in dreams so that I can remember that the dream world is entirely of my own creation, that it is not a physical world, that my dream body is not my real body because my real body is in bed sleeping.

      He told me that next time I'm lucid and I feel like I don't have enough control, I should take a moment to remember. So I started with incubating this practice while I was awake - I would pretend that I had just realized I was in a lucid dream and the first thing I did was to remember that the entire dream world is my creation.
      And it worked! Every time I have a lucid dream now, first thing I do is focus on remembering that it is my dream, and I do the same thing every time I start to question my dream control.

      That's all, good luck!
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      The best tip? Keep trying. Man with each attempt it'll get better. Important is to really convince your mind that you are the master here!
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      You're not alone. I've been at it for an embarrassingly long time and still constantly struggle with control. I trust Sageous's advice (mentioned by AnotherDreamer); this is something I'm working with, and it does seem to help a bit. Also, practice and patience: Control is said to come with lucidity, but full lucidity can take a long time (even years) to perfect. Don't give up!

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      First thing I recommend is trying to stabilize. Rubbing hands works really well for me. After stabilizing, there are many different means of dream control. Do you want to fly? Do you want to change your dream scene? Do you want to make certain people appear?

      For me, diving through the floor and spinning have helped me change my dream scene. Some people report that imagining a door and opening it can help change a dream scene. I have also read people who imagine a magic wand in their back pocket which gives them all sorts of control abilities. Sometimes turning around can make a specific DC appear.

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      I think controlling bad and good dream depends on your day to day life.

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