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    Thread: No Pagini Zonda

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      No Pagini Zonda

      I had a lucid dream yesterday where I was in my old hometown. I was on foot but really didn't want to walk.

      So I tried to summon a Pagini Zonda (I'd been watching Top Gear previously).

      I tried everything but the Zonda wouldn't come! I made elaborate hand gestures closed my eyes and opened them expectantly, and even tried exotic and ancient chants.

      Nothing worked. Summoning a car would probably have been easier, but how do you summon specific things like a Zonda? Is there any training I can do, whilst lucid?

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      Here's what I would do to summon a Pagini Zonda:

      1:Go where you want the car to be.
      2:Swing your foot backwards, expecting to tap the bumper of the car. You should feel it immediately. If you don't, keep feeling around for it until you hit it.
      3:Remaining forward, Imagine you're revving the Pagini Zonda engine. It should rev and sound right. Alternatively you can ask the car to rev it's engine as proof that it's a Pagini Zonda, or you can ask the car itself if it's a Pagini Zonda (cars can talk in dreams). If it isn't the car, repeat steps 2 and 3 to summon a different car until it is.
      4:Once the car indicates that it's a Pagini Zonda, turn around. It should be right at your feet.

      I think blindly summoning an object while having the object indicate that it's the one you want helps with the expectation needed to summon something specific.
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