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    Thread: Help with dream guide?

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      Unhappy Help with dream guide?


      I started a ''quest'' to find my dream guide. In the past 4 lucid dreams I had, I tried to find or communicate with my dream guide. My results below:

      First LD (FILD) : I yelled at the sky ''Do I have a dream guide?!?!'' I couldnt understand exactly what I heard, like, I heard a no by a male voice then a yes by a female voice, I gave up to contact my DG in this LD.

      Second LD (DILD) : Again, I yelled to the sky ''DO I HAVE A DREAM GUIDE!?!?!'' and a deep male voice said ''Yes, you do.'' Then I said ''May I meet my dream guide?'' then nothing, but I saw that someone was behind my house's entrance, I went outside and I felt like someone just leave a paper in my gate, I tried to read but I couldnt, I lost lucidity because I tried 2 hard to read that paper.

      Third LD (WILD) : I yelled to the skies saying ''I ordain to meet my dream guide''. Nothing happened. I went to my laundry thinking that my dream guide would be inside it, I opened the door but nothing was there. I yelled again, ordaining to meet my dream guide and then an ID card fell from the sky, there was a name and a photo, I dont know if the guy on the ID is my dream guide, I could read his name but I dont remember his first name, but I do remember his second name, that was Aidrawl, something like that.

      Fourth LD (DILD) : I asked for some DCs about my dream guide, if someone has seen it. The first guy I asked, ran from me. The second one said that he didnt know, then I yelled again ''I ordain to see my dream guide''. A person with a mask came in my direction, he had 2 pots with LOTS of keys that he gave me. I didnt know what to do with the keys, then I gave up. I didnt talk to this guy on mask btw.

      Any tips on how to meet the dream guide or make him appear or anything? Please!
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      I haven't met my DG either yet, but I think it helps to realize that you're not calling for any external entity or being to appear. Simply yourself. I would try to call for my DG with a reason, like I would sit down and calmly say : " I would like to meet my dream guide, because I need help with my lucid dream practice." Likely scenario would be that a door opens and in enters a dream character ( "DG" in a sense ) that is the embodiement of all of your LDing knowledge/ that is a direct connection to your LDing knowledge.

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      I suggest doing some waking-world preparations. The idea is that you are giving your subconscious a real reason to expect your DG to appear. Set yourself up a little ceremony. Gather things together to focus your intention, things that correlate to your dreams, and power, and guidance. If you're interested, then this is an example of what I might use
      Spoiler for Ceremony:

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      Hi, I agree with you Saizaphod that it helps to realize that you're not calling for any external entity or being to appear.

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