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      Controlling Dream Landscapes

      I've been LDing for quite a while now and I have moderate control over most things except A) Dream characters, which doesn't bother me too much, usually makes dreaming more fun, and B) Dream landscapes. This one has been the most annoying because my brain no matter what just seems to not understand how to create a nice and normal landscape. I almost always spawn in somewhere dull and whenever I try to go somewhere nicer its either the place I wanted but the proportions are very out (think New York City but with very small buildings) or its just not the place I was thinking of (Last night I started somewhere dull and I did the closing my eyes technique to go somewhere else, opened them and ended up in a court house). So yeah any advice or tips are very welcome, thanks!

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      I can control the landscape when i had a nightmare i usually change that landscape into something more pleasant as i know i am dreaming.

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