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    Thread: How to teleport

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      How to teleport

      Can you tell me the best ways to teleport. I tried spinning last time but the dream collapses

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      You might want to check out our Teleportation Tutorial on the Wiki.

      Just a couple examples off the top of my head: closing a door and expecting it to lead somewhere else next time you open it, close your eyes and expect to open them in a new location, pull a portal out of your pocket and throw it on the wall before jumping through it, using a Portal Gun and jump through it, etc.

      My most commonly-used method is to run full speed at a wall and expect to phase through it to another location. Usually, the less you think about how it works, the better your chances of success.
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      This method may not seem very fun. There are many exciting ways to work it into a story, that are fun, but this is utilitarian. Stop thinking of dream location's as actually being places in dimensional space. What they are is a graphics effect. You have a screen of sorts like a movie screen. In forming the visual part of lucid virtual reality, there is no depth to the screen. Distance is implied just like on television. When you realize this (think "there is no spoon") teleportation comes down to simply making the VR screen portray a different picture. Realize the everything in front of you is just an image on a screen that you can effect. The act of memory is used to bring the changes. You want to teleport to the mall? Ignore everything you currently see and get it to go blurry (maybe imagine going cross-eyed) and remember images you wish to create.

      Now that is advanced stuff, in that it skips to a high degree of control, which comes with experience. However, take the same logic and keep it handy as you try any control feat. For teleport a simple route is (with everything above in mind) do not think about what should be behind you in the current scene. turn away from the current visuals forcing your mind to instantly create a new scene. During this remember how the place you are going to see (confidence) should look. The very first thing you see can be forced to agree with your wished outcome. Say you want Paris, but the first image is of your school yard. Redirect your interpretation of the image, such as like thus, "I can see all the little kids lining up out side the world fair in Paris. I made it, any second I will see a coffee house.

      I hope any part of that helps.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Benjamin20 View Post
      Can you tell me the best ways to teleport. I tried spinning last time but the dream collapses
      I teleported once.You know how?I don't know if it's just me but I just did it.Without any trouble.

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      I have more luck teleporting in a non-lucid dream than an LD! And when I try during an LD it always stuffs up! I end up on or near some kind of transportation! Eg I stepped through a portal and ended up on a ship in a storm instead of a tropical island! �� Or I open a door and find a small room of airplane seats! �� I really need to work on my dream control!
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      I stopped trying to teleport because the dream goes all black and i lose memory/lucidity. I have tried just walking through the landscape thinking of my desired location and going through random doorrs and that has worked for me somewhat.
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      I had a really hard time with this at one point. Just to echo many of the other opinions here, the more you think/worry about it, the harder it becomes. And the method that ended up working for me was opening doors and knowing, not expecting, knowing that the place I wanted to go would be on the other side.
      One further thing to add which I am not sure was mentioned, was that if I wanted a very specific place, I had to be pretty specific about what I wanted. Ultimately what that ended up meaning, was that to get the best result, I needed to plan and think about where I wanted to be before hand. If i tried to think of it while in my dream, I was not always met with success. But thinking it through before hand changed everything.
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