in this control state you have to remember your past dreams from years ago then Integrate them in your waking life as if there still happening as now as if your imprison in the astral plane trying to wake up now this dream control is to act if your already in the astral plane as we speak now when you think like this thus sleep powers will start attaining themselves for you as you trying to control your dream make up stories techniques this is another form a false dream creation so as your trying to remember your past dream connect them with dreams you want to achieve and sleep form you want to desire and attain as you control this state of mind your dreamscapeis c going to start pretending as itself as if your crucified behind tv and computer forever in eternity as a sleeping type bot trying to chat about non sense you might not remember but you had total control over as you were in sleep powers of dream forms and dream persona you have to learn how to talk all over again as if you were a baby trying to say your first words learn new forms of speech by creating your own language as if you were watching dub cartoon and Anime you wonder why they speak to each other everyday and there not friends or Enemies lost in suspended animations as a entrapment of friendship and death theories and your start creating false dreams you have to create them as if you already had that dream this is called the typing or writing theory like dream journal as you start pretending more often in you mind the dream mind will start to conscripts and construct itself as if you already living in a dream imprison in still infamy until your next dream personality comes to you in wake in sleep powers and astral projectio