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    Thread: Stabilized with eye momevent

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      Stabilized with eye momevent

      Been awhile since I've been here and practicing lucid dreaming, but I was able to become lucid this morning and wanted report back with a specific experience. I was lucid in a restaurant, but I felt/feared the dream was becoming unstable. I usually rub my hands or use verbal commands to stabilize, but this I tried moving my eyes back and forth. I kind of just had the logic to mimic REM. It actually worked! The dream became very stable up until I woke up naturally.

      Has anyone else tried this before? I'm interested in hearing if so and trying it out again.
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      Hmm eye movement may have helped as gazing too still at something can destabilize the dream sometimes. However, it could have been your intention or belief as well. It's sort of like how people who wear glasses in waking can put on glasses in dream and their dreams will become more stable. I haven't specifically tried moving my eyes as a means to stabilize in a lucid dream, will try it out next chance I get.
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      I've never heard of this before! Now I'm intrigued...
      I'll report back if I have a lucid anytime soon and can try it.
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      Good idea! I tried blinking and it helped. Maybe your idea is even better. When you move your eyes in a dream, it is said they move in your physical body too. So maybe you are right, maybe it keeps REM going!
      Here is what I am up to in the dream world!

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