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    Thread: Overwhelming Tiredness IN Lucid Dreams (DILD)

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      Question Overwhelming Tiredness IN Lucid Dreams (DILD)

      I am a practitioner of WILD. I WILD almost every night. However, I've been trying to implement a type of dreamtech created by Mylynes called Omnilucidity, which revolves around DILDs. Just this morning, I tried WBTB. It did indeed work and resulted in a DILD, but I noticed something that seems to happen in almost all of my DILDs; I felt overwhelmingly tired and sluggish. I could barely keep my eyes open and felt that I was holding on so tightly to remain lucid. All of my movements felt heavy and it seemed as if the dream wanted desperately to collapse. Is there any one of you who is skilled in DILD that can help me out? Almost all of my WILDs are perfectly vivid and stable, but it is more common than rare that my DILDs are like this.

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      Have you woken up from one of these DILDS before? How did you feel in waking life after one of them (compared to any other waking-up), just the same or was something different?

      It almost sounds like you're experiencing sleepiness inside the DILDs... You say you felt sluggish/tired, but I'm mostly assuming you mean a physical feeling, is that correct? Did you feel the same way "mentally" i.e. were you able to think quickly?
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      IME, 'sluggish' LDs are a result of inducing them during a low-REM stage of sleep. Could be you just need to readjust your WBTB timing? Still, it's intriguing that you've this problem with DILDs exclusively. Try reviewing your WILD procedure, particularly when it comes to the amount of time it takes to induce it.
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