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    Thread: Dream control tips??

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      Dream control tips??

      how can i make myself expect things to happen in an LD

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      As far as expectations go, you need to not just know that anything can happen in a dream, but you really need to believe it.
      Use associative thinking—it will carry you far. Think along the lines of, "If I do this, think this, or feel that, then this should happen." Here are three levels of this type of thinking

      Level One: Prelearned Control
      You can do anything you normally do while awake, like walking, talking, or rubbing your hands together. You'll feel the sensations associated with these actions just as you would in real life.

      Level Two: Mix Prelearned Control with Sensations
      Try combining simple actions with persistent sensations. For example, if you jump and keep feeling the sensation of rising, you'll find yourself flying.
      Add acceleration in the mix and now you're zooming in what ever direction the feeling is coming from.

      Level Three: Active Imagination
      For more complex controls, you'll need to actively imagine what doing things could look like in a dream. This type of thinking is necessary for actions like summoning a person. I often daydream about any new control I might want in a dream, like imagining holding my hand out and a ball forming.

      Think about playing video games or using VR, or even watching movies to help plant the seeds of expectation. It's important to enter a dream with an experimental mindset. The more you're open to possibilities, the better you can control your experiences. Success won't always happen right away, so keep trying.
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