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      Alright. I don't have very much dream control, and I would really love to be able to have it. For, I have many problems in my dreams. I am ALWAYS in a bad situation. Something that involves people killing me, our house being broken into, evil spectres, etc...

      If I try and run, well, I can't. I remember it from awhile ago. I was dreaming one night and a group of people wanted to lynch me (I don't even know why). Well, I tried to run. And the fast I ran, the more speed I would pick up, I started to take on air. Not so much flying as long, leaping-bounds. Although it may sound interesting, it really wasn't. It was awful. I couldn't stop, I couldn't turn or change what way I was going without a lot of work. And ever since that dream, whenever I try and run too fast, or run at all for that matter, I just start to pick up speed, and then air.

      Now, I bet if I had proper teaching or lessons, I could probably turn this into flying? That would be pretty cool... All the time when I'm anywhere, and just thinking, I am always wishing I were a bird. I just think of birds, and freedom comes to mind. No other animal has the capabilities to go on such ventures as a bird does.

      I remember, last year, I was talking to my high school counsellor about dreaming. He told me that when he had dreams in which he were flying, he woke up feeling well rested, and peaceful. He told me, it was because he had control. He could look down upon the world and see everything that was going on. He had nothing to fear, and he woke up relaxed.

      Everyday when I wake up I am overly stressed. My initial reaction when I wake is to smash my hand on the alarm clock, and literally run out of bed into the bathroom, to make sure I was going to make it to school, or even get up for that matter. However, if I could fly in my dreams and experience the sense of self relaxation that he experienced, maybe it would even help me?

      Now, I am very sure I could learn how to fly in a dream, for I have already honed one of my abilities. Remember how I said everything in my dream was like an antagonist? Trying to kill me? Well... I was getting rather sick of it. And at some point in one of these nightmares, I realized something... it was a dream.
      Now, that doesn't mean I still wasn't scared, for I was terrified. But the fact I knew it was a dream helped me. I was now able to wake myself from these nightmares. I don't understand how, nor do I care. I am just greatful I can do it.
      The process... well. If I'm ever in one of these nightmares, and I recognize it as a dream, I have control over myself. Not full control to run away and just get away from the danger, but some self control. And if it is a nightmare, without a second thought, do I wake myself up. I realize it's a dream, and in this dream I shut my eyes as hard as I can, then open them immediately. And... I'm awake, and every time I try it, it works. Even if it's not a nightmare.
      One night I was having the most bogus dream. Long story short, we were in a car and crashed into a forest. We plowed through everything to no end, and I thought the dream was boring so I just woke myself up.

      I don't know, I'm starting to babble. I really just want some advice for self-control in dreams, specifically flying. If it is possible to warp dreams into what you want them to be, I'd love to do that to. I don't know what's entirely possible in dreams, or if it is simply limited to the person, but there's still so much I wish to grasp, and so much still unknown.[/b]

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      You're exercising lucid dreaming by recognizing you're dreaming. Most people do wake up right away when they become lucid. That's fine, and as you've found a great way to escape nightmares. The other option is to stay in the dream and exercise your control over reality, it is your dream, therefore, your reality. And you are the master of your reality. If you want to fly, don't wake up when an antagonist is chasing you, think of yourself as a superhero and lift off. Wave your hand and turn your enemies to dust. You are lucid if you're doing this, and it's your dream, not some projection of your subconscious. Good luck.

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      Even when I didnīt know anything about lucid dreaming, I would often start to talk to the thing chasing me in my nightmares and ask why they want to kill me. This leads to them stopping killing me and either chat with me ītill the dream ends or when it turns into a "good" dream. So, what iīm trying to say here is why donīt you try to talk to those people chasing you? And if you want to fly, try to "swim" upwards. I find that very easy way of flying. Although itīs pretty slow.
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