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      My first lucid dream shows that I might have great control..

      or I just got lucky.
      3 nights ago, I had my first LD and in order I did some dream spinning to prevent the dream from fading (which it started to do when I got excited about my first), I tried to fly and failed (nobody's perfect), sped up time, and started to float a little when concentrating which I woke up afterwards b/c my eyes were closed when doing this in the dream.

      Of course then again, this might be common for a lot of people's first LD's so I really shouldn't get too excited before I get some responces to this.
      Wait!! .......Am I dreaming right now?
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      It's time for a new beginning...

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      Yepo, my second LD I flew without any problems. Later I started to doubt myself, big mistake.
      My advice is when you fail, remind yourself it is a dream. Its wasy to control! Works fine for me.
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