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      Talking Here's how to prove 'dream sharing'! :)

      i proved to myself that (sometimes) we are not alone in our dreams. Unfortunately this was with a person i couldn't physically talk to...although they happened to 'finish' what i had not told about in the dream!

      What that made me do/realize, was that everytime i realize i am sleeping, and if i especially see/ recognize someone from my 'waking life' - i do the following:

      (first, the night before, think of something that you can do to prove you were in the same dream - such as saying a non-sense word like 'purple grass' - if you are successful, such a phase is so unique it's hard to deny)

      1) somehow i get their attention - tell them to stay where they are, not to get excited, etc. - most importantly, do not let them 'disappear' (i have actually noticed that when i am dreaming of someone in my family and they dissapear, i wake up an hour earlier and realize that they dissapeared because they - probably- woke up! )

      2) then i try to actually make them believe that they are in a dream with me, that they are really asleep, although most will deny it, this doesn't mean that they are simply a character 'in your head', you get the idea

      3) Keep saying the non-sense word to them, (or whatever kind of technique you might think of) and pray that they remember in the morning. (some people simply don't remember their dreams or they were 'completely out of it' when they dreamt it)

      you can change or find your own ways of doing this using the above

      CAUTION - if they do remember and YOU are the one to tell them what they dreamt ('hey do you remember me in your dreams telling you we were asleep and to remember it in the morning, etc.) - they might think you are evil, crazy, or many other things, or they might just think it is the coolest thing in the world, just tread carefully!
      "What if I were to tell u that you can take control...of all of this? Look at all these people. Seems as though they're just all chatting away? Nothing to do with u. And yet., maybe they're only here because u wanted them to. U are their god. U can make them obey u or even destroy u."
      -- Vanilla Sky (movie)

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      that's a good idea. if i were better at lucid dreaming i'd certainly give it a shot. lemme know how the progress goes.

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      ya sounds cool, my friend and i seem to think that we sometimes dream abour the same things. its wierd how is he in so many of my dreams, so when i got lucid i asked him if he was dreamin, and i made sure to think that i wanted him to say if he really was or not, and he said i dunno. so ya i spose this sounds like a good idea, ill try it.



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