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      Is this possible?

      Ok so heres the background story... I have to write a term paper in an unfamiliar perspective. The teacher is kinda new age so he suggested a few things such as meditating, lucid dreams etc. The paper is worth a good portion of my grade and I want to put my best effort into it. I Have had some experience with lucid dreams, dream control and dream recolition but I am having some trouble with this attempt. Basically my paper is in the perspective of a female vampire... I can simulate the perspective of a vampire without lucid dreaming since it is fictional. However, thinking like a female is a bit harder, so I talked to him about lucid dreaming. He said to check out this site. I have looked around here before a year or so ago and I have been attempting lucid dreams and stuff for quite some time (only minor-league stuff though) so now I want to try to transform into a girl for my paper (without the vampire sense for simplicities sake). Is it possible to transform genders in a lucid dream? Can you actually feel/think as if you are the other gender (or will it seem as if I am a male inside a female's body... which, while hot is not the goal of this). In essence I want to be/think/feel female for a dream... and remember it (most important part when writing a paper). Is this possible? What would be the baby steps leading up to being able to perform this? Can it be done within a month? (deadline)

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      it's absolutely possible...however, cultivating consistent lucid dreams requires a lot of practice, dedication and patience. it may be possible within a month, but it varies from person to person, and i think you will find most people say it takes a lot longer...but i recommend training for lucid dreams anyway--it's worth it.

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      I believe that you can achieve this. Many of my friends are War fans and have asked me if they could "change" into a famous person from, say, World War II. A few weeks passed and one of my friends came back to me saying that he had achieved changing into Adolph Hitler, while giving a speech at Nuremburg.

      Both cool and scary at the same time. Just think about what you could witness first hand!

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