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      How to make dream control easy

      Alright. I've decided to start a topic to gather tips on how inexperienced lucid dreamers can get better at controlling their dreams.

      This is about control in the sense of doing things you can't or wouldn't do in waking life. not about simply being able to control your body and walk around.

      Dream control seems to be my strong point, since I can usually do anything I want in dreams, so I thought I'd write down some of the things I do to exert control over a dream.

      Ask for something to happen
      Want to travel back in time? Try thinking: "Could time go back to [insert time or event] now?". You don't even have to think the whole thought. Simply starting to think it or wondering if it could happen will usually be enough.

      Do it slowly
      Want to walk through a wall? just try moving forward really slowly and keep going more and more into it untill you're completely inside, at which part you can just step through. This also works when manifesting things or growing an additional body part (say wings). Make them appear slowly. Patiently wait for them to materialise without feeling all rushed.

      Remember how your mind works
      If you fail to do something, remember why you can't do it. If you can't fly, realize that this is because you can't do so in waking life, and you're not used to it. Emphasize the fact that you're in a dream and anything is possible, and even simple.
      Know that you can't fly because your brain has accepted flying as something you can't do, and try to change your mind's view of who can and can not fly.

      Call your dreamguide
      This is my favorite, and it will pretty much let me succeed doing in anything. Just yell out: "Dream guide!" (or "Subconcious" or anything of the sort) as loud as you can. Surely your little helper will come to you in whatever form (human, bird, robot, toaster, the human mind can be creative). Take some time to introduce yourselves to eachother (my dreamguide is called Chris, which is not my name at all, in fact, I don't know anyone called Chris) and after that, ask him/her/it anything about the dream world. If there's anything you've failed to do so far, just ask your dream guide how to do it, and if necessary let him/her/it show you.
      You might also make an appointment with your dreamguide to remind you that you're dreaming somewhere in the near future. It is said dream characters respect appointments.

      I hope anyone can make use of these tips, as they've worked very well for me so far. I also hope others will be able to add their own tips to this thread, so it will be more useful to people, and everybody will be happy and wars and famine will be ended worldwide.
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      I'm currently working on re-creating waking life in my dreams...for...shamanistic purposes. Anyway, the best tip I have for maintaining massive amounts of control without thinking about it is like this:

      1. Get into a meditative state (before dreaming)
      2. Spend about half an hour to an hour imagining the world you plan to start in, this works like an enourmous giveaway as to the fact that you are dreaming.
      3. Imagine this place many days before you attempt the LD, each night adding deeper and deeper detail. Make up things to yourself all day. Major parts of LDing are imagination, as far as I can tell. Reading, writing, and just imagining are good ways to exercise that mental muscle. Video games...though I'm a major fan, are a good way to deteriorate it, or have your dreams revolve around thier worlds.
      4. To maintain continuity, and focus/imagining power while dreaming, ultraboost your ego before you go to sleep (Do this only if you alread have a normal one ) Leave it in your dreams, please. This will help your confidence in your dream, as your awake state tends to carry over, at least eotionally, into your dreams

      Hope this helps.


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