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      Was this lucidity?

      Last night I remember at least four dreams, though only vaguely. At some point in all of them I remember remembering I was in a dream. I still wasn't thinking like I should be, because crazy stuff was happening, but I acted as if it was normal. I'm wondering if it's supposed to be hard to control your dreams. I remember it being difficult to try to do what I wanted (i.e. flying) and, in fact, I don't think I ever actually changed my dream at all. I do remember flying, except I was just watching myself fly and the experience [throughout all the dreams] was never very real or exciting. So what I'm thinking is I was just dreaming that I was lucid, which means I was lucid, but I had no control, even though I tried to change things. It's all very confusing; I'm sorry if it came out that way too.

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      What you experienced was very low-level lucidity... simple (and fleeting) awareness. You might try a search for the several excellent threads floating around discussing levels of lucidity. Keep working on your dream recall - the best of LDs are pretty pointless if you don't remember them!

      If this was your first, congratulations! You've had a taste.
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