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    Thread: prolonging LD

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      prolonging LD

      After many months of nothing I now have been able to become Lucid regularly. Problem is they are very short. Each one is alittle longer so I am making progress.
      I know about rubbing the hands together and spinning but what about the mental aspect. Should I disengage from the dream, should I consentrate on being Lucid????????What works best for ppl.

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      Hello mike.

      The technique that I use to prolong Lucids is simple. All I do is stop what ever I am doing if I feel the Lucidity failing. While you are standing there, think about the Lucid, think about how much better it would be if it was longer. After a few moments pass, try a simple technique such as rubbing your hands. After doing this, slowly go back to what ever you were doing.

      I find that this works 90% of the time, the other ten would probably mean I was too “into” the dream and slipped back into my subconscious.

      - Axis

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