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    Thread: Any Ideas?

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      Any Ideas?

      I am having extreme problems in accepting dreams as being dreams therefor no lucid dreams. I have even realized that my dream wasnt reality and simpily said to my friends "this isnt real sorry i gotta go" and then drifted into another dream. I have looked at watches and been trying to get help through dream signs but that seems to help little since my dreams variy greatly. Any ideas how to overcome this would be a huge help Thank ya
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      Well I can't really give you tips on how to overcome this, but it sounds like you are in a very good place. You are definately on the verge of becoming lucid. Dreams in which you don't become lucid, but alter the dream or change the dream in some way indicate that your brain is more active and thinking about dreaming. Just keep doing what you're doing, and make a conscious effort to overcome this problem of yours (the answer to pretty much everything in the world of dreaming is that if you make a conscious effort to do sometihng, it will help if not fix the problem entirely). You're very very close to becoming lucid, just don't get frusterated at this because it's actually a good thing!

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      When i became heavily dedicated on becoming lucid in the uncounsious...i just remembered to think about Lucid Dreaming as much as i could in the conscious, in the weird and even in the normal moments.

      Eventually, i asked myself in a dream just out of habit and...HOLY SHIT!

      gnarly...its in my head, so i can do ANYTHING I WANT. but when you first think that thought remember to not be so excited that you wake up...cause you will if you are too excited

      But don't worry, just a second is bliss.
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