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      So youre up and flying, now what?

      you gotta a flying technique, and your flying is pretty good and you can do it in just about any dream! now what? whats the next step?

      is your flying to slooow? is it too short? are you flying too low to the ground? no fun place to fly too?

      post any and all advice here to make flying a funner experience, try to keep your advice helpfull! keep in mind you don't have to be a good lucid dreamer to be a good flyer, so posting ideas will not help everyone if you dont also post HOW to do those ideas too!

      Flying High

      if you find yourself flying too low to the ground I find this helps me! you can try screaming "go up go up go up!!" but dreams are sorta hypnotic, you don't just command it, you gotta invision in it!

      the easiest way to invision yourself going way up to the clouds are even higher, is to look up. so stop flying for a moment and look straight up. nothing should be in your point of view but clouds and sky!! You should find yourself up there in a matter of moments

      if youre anything like me, actually write this down before going to sleep. keep it simple and easy enough to remember it, be it hours later. Write something down like "I will remember that I am dreaming. Then I will look up at the sky and fly high!"

      Feathered Hands
      growing some feathers on your hands is a sure and easy way to trick yourself you are a more efficient flyer now! It can help you fly much faster, swifter and all around more agile. The hard part is actually - doing that. Some people find it very hard to transform in a dream, others transform often but never when lucid. But you don't have to be a lucid dreamer to transform either! That can be a problem in itself, especially if you are completely aware of yourself and aware that you are human. It can get in the way....

      why not try making feathered hands into a reality check then?

      Look at your hands during the day, notice all the small details. The better you recall those details the easier you can transform them in a dream. Look at your hands and imagine them growing feathers. Imagine what those feathers feel like! Anything happening yet? No...GOOD. Youre sane.

      But hopefully this should translate into the dream. And in the dream you WILL grow feathers!

      The only downfall is, well, youre going to be flapping a whole lot

      but for those of you who are already flapping around like silly birds, this is a good upgrade! ps, if you are having trouble translating this into the dream you can also write this down before going to sleep!

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      Try zooming.

      Zooming is kind of a wierd way of flying. In normal flying, your body kind of produces the energy that propels you.

      In Zooming, you let your body be attracted to the place you want to go. For example, say you are kind of hovering around, look off in the distance at a mountain peak, feel its pull and let yourself be drawn to it. My experiences are that you will be drawn to the point very quickly.

      Zooming toward moving objects are kind of fun as well. Try zooming to a jet airplane as it passes overhead.

      Some other fun things to try... Breaking the sound barrier, skimming just over the top of a field of tall grass naked, flying with a friend, fly feet first...
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      The last time I flew, it was like gravity had been reversed, and I couldn't get back down for a while. I had to fly back to the ground, against gravity it seemed. Very weird feeling.
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      You could always pick up your own dream jet-pack. That seems like it would be an easy/effective way of solving flying problems.

      As for me, I need get my priorities straight when I do become lucid. I always seem to "forget" about doing all the cool or important stuff once I see the fine looking ladies in my dream world.
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      You could try flying straight up like Neo does in the matrix. That would be awesome.


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